We’re begging you not to do it! Regardless of how much we kick, scream & rant, odds are high that you will. What is it? Being a ‘DITWAD’! It’s the single greatest killer of progress and something Jim Collins warns against in his bestselling book Good to Great. People that do it the way always done are in grave danger.
In today’s business environment, perhaps the most volatile in American history, being able to adapt & overcome is paramount to continued success. Let’s repeat that last segment: paramount to continued success. The technologies and AI that drive your business can and will be used to drive your competition.
According to NAPEO (National Association of PEO’s), the percentage of businesses currently using a PEO is 5%. Is that a sick joke?? According to the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, 98% of employers have fewer than 100 employees. A PEO can bring Fortune 500 benefits to small businesses that would otherwise never compete in that space. Yet the national average of businesses using a PEO is 5%!!?
We take that personally. We recommend seeing a doctor. Specifically, the PEO Doctor! If you’re currently using a PEO, if you’ve never used a PEO, if you’ve never even heard of a PEO, it cost you NOTHING to explore the benefits of a PEO. The PEO Doctor is North America’s best PEO brokerage firm for a reason. Actually, there are several reasons.
No hassle & no obligation quotes. Apples-to-apples cost comparisons. Detailed analysis of benefits packages available through a PEO. Cutting edge time & attendance software that integrates into payroll. Do you realize the amount of time & energy available here? How much fraud & theft can be avoided? How much being a DITWAD can and will cost you?
Never heard of the PEO Doctor? Before 2013 had you ever heard of Ben Carson? Probably not, but he had already been designated as one of the nation’s 20 foremost physicians and scientists by CNN & TIME magazine. It wasn’t until Dr. Carson was critical of Barrack Obama in 2013 that he became well known.
Let the record reflect the PEO Doctor is being highly critical of the fact around 5% of businesses currently use a PEO. Don’t be a DITWAD! Spend a few minutes with our incredible staff to find out if partnering with a PEO can take your business to the next level.