A ‘people-first’ mentality is the secret ingredient for engaging your team during times of crisis. As the economy works toward a new normal in the wake of Covid-19, companies need a confident and controlled leader to help navigate through unsteady waters. Team members rely on leaders to foster a sense of purpose and meaning to their work. Leaders of successful organizations understand their people make them successful. Consistency is important but you must customize your messages based on your audience. Let empathy guide you in crafting your message, especially in times of crisis, by focusing on your people’s needs rather than your own. Make one-on-one conversation a priority whether meeting virtually or in-person.  It is important to be transparent with your team and keep them aware of how the business is doing, but also to show your appreciation for their commitment.  The world is getting back into the swing of things so embrace the future.  Many businesses were forced to accept technology driven operations. This meant stepping out of the comfort zone, but to many people’s surprise the mission was still accomplished. It is time to engage; the future is now.


Don’t forget that tomorrow is the last day to file taxes!