According to, franchising is a “hybrid” business model in that it combines aspects of a sole proprietorship with those of a corporation. Franchising allows a business owner to grow a business by selling the rights to use their brand and business model instead of building new units on their own.

If their definition of “franchising” is correct, nearly ALL businesses in the United States are potential franchises. One thing is certain, you should build your business with the franchising model in mind. At the very least it forces you to create systems & processes that others can follow. We can agree this is beneficial when it comes time to market or sell your business.

According to the International Franchise Association, here are the ‘keys to success’ for running a successful franchise.
1. Ensure you have enough cash flow
2. Follow the system
3. Who cares? If you manage 1 & 2 you’ll never need to worry about 3-10

*OK fine, that may not be the real #3 answer but you know it’s the TRUTH!

Whether you bought into a franchise or started from scratch your ultimate goal is to make money. You will need help. Let’s be clear: you need good vendors. We spent the past 6 years perfecting our system for franchise-based businesses & the results are in. Our franchise brands grew, as a whole, more than 35% per year for 5 straight years. The franchisees experienced an increase, on average, of 3% growth in annual revenue. That’s 3% growth per year!

  Why doing business with us makes sense right now!

• Franchises already use payroll or PEO vendors. They simply don’t have the time or expertise to leverage for better rates & terms on payroll, HR, work comp, employee benefits and more.

• It’s voluntary! If our program works well for your franchise you can take full advantage. If it doesn’t, you’re under no obligation to do business with us.

• Knowledge is power, but volume is everything! There’s a reason GM, Coca Cola and Amazon get incredible rates on everything. Use the full power of your brand to compete with the best.

Our strength is staying in our lane! We represent mechanics, lawn specialists, farmers, electricians, carpenters, sheet metal shops, painters, flea markets & more. You pay us to know about payroll, HR, workers comp & benefits! This is a working relationship, and it works well when we all do our job.

We happen to love our job and we love our clients! We appreciate your feedback and encouragement. The single greatest compliment we receive is a referral from you. We promise to continue providing you, and anyone you refer, the best service possible. It doesn’t hurt that our clients continue to thrive & outperform the competition year after year. Winning!

 Just another happy new client with their new wrapped trucks !!!!

         Let’s GROW together!!! BIG-O PEST CONTROL LLC!!!!!


 Let’s also welcome Phillip Williams & Sons Trucking to HBC!!!
    For all your hauling needs trust it to the William’s family!!!