May Newsletter

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You may not remember the 1986 movie starring Michael Keaton, but it’s an instant classic.  If you watch it today it’s corny, but it was during a completely different era (seems like a lifetime ago).  This corny classic is worth the watch and has an uplifting plot.  In case you’ve never seen it, or it’s

July Newsletter

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                                                                                 ENGAGE  A 'people-first' mentality is the secret ingredient for engaging your team during times of

COVID-19 Update

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RELAX. WE GOT THIS!!   We are here and working to ensure your questions are answered in a timely manner. This is a fluid situation and we expect more uncertainty as the week progresses. Your employees WILL have questions and we encourage you to use your available resources. This includes our staff and our team

July Newsletter

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HBC has worked hard to build a solid relationship with our clients using a PEO. We continually look to provide them with value and a competitive edge. We are proud to announce a new partnership with The Payroll Funding Company. They provide short-term funding exclusively to PEO clients. Because you are currently with one of

May Newsletter

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 DON’T DO IT! We’re begging you not to do it! Regardless of how much we kick, scream & rant, odds are high that you will. What is it? Being a ‘DITWAD’! It’s the single greatest killer of progress and something Jim Collins warns against in his bestselling book Good to Great. People that do it

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