“For the people” not your business
Ever tell your kids “show me your friends & I’ll show you your future”? That’s important because it’s true!
In business, show me your employee handbook and I’ll tell you your company culture. If you have more than 1 employee you need a handbook. You don’t have to go crazy and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to create a quality handbook.
If you’re with a PEO you truly have no excuse. If your PEO hasn’t offered to create, review or freshen up your employee handbook, call us ASAP! If you don’t use a PEO or don’t currently have a handbook, call us ASAP!
If you terminate an employee (with or without cause), and he or she hires an attorney, the first place the attorney is checking will be your employee handbook. The handbook should address cause for termination, discuss your company expectations, and provide an overview of your culture. So simple yet so vital.
I can’t emphasize enough how important having an updated employee handbook is, but you get the idea. Rather than beating that horse let’s touch on some keys for your employee handbook:
1. Your initial handbook should be written by YOU! It can be on a napkin or scrap paper, but the initial draft needs to come from the owner
2. It should be reviewed by an attorney, HR professional, or both before finalized
3. It should have an acknowledgment and/or signature required by each employee
4. It should be written clear & concise and be able to be understood by all employees
Who can attest to this? You terminate an awful employee with cause (showing up intoxicated), and that’s the employee that hires an attorney and files suit. Your natural reaction is to think it’s in the bag. “I’ve got this all day and he stands no chance” you’re thinking. Not so fast. You’d be amazed at some of the litigation we’ve seen over the years. What’s more amazing, and sad, is the number of quality employers that lose or forced to settle for terminating a poor performing employee with cause.
If you need help deciding what info should be included in your employee handbook feel free to reach out. Labor laws, wage & hour compliance, EEOC, rules & regulations, conduct, attire, expectations, and much more to name a few. More importantly your employee handbook provides you with the opportunity to lay out your vision, goals & objectives, and mission statement. Make sure your employees are working towards a common goal.

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