If you’re a loyal client that runs a good business, how much is that worth? What do you get for that? The odds are pretty good the answer is “not much”. Here’s another question: in your business, how much is a loyal employee worth? What does he or she get for being a loyal employee? The odds are very good the answer to that is…..

Let’s stir it up a bit. If you’re reading this you’re likely a client of HBC (if not you should see a doctor…more on that later). I would say thank you but what’s that worth? Not as much as what you’re about to get. We brokered your business to one of our preferred vendors (Matrix, MBA, Harbor America, Certipay). We manage the relationship between your business and your PEO or payroll provider. We want to show you our appreciation for your trust and your loyalty.

Finding, hiring and retaining good people is likely your greatest challenge and certainly a big expense. We decided you should get something when you find & hire good people, and we’re going to help with the retention part. In other words, anyone suggesting we’re ‘just a broker’ will soon be suffering from FOMO! We’ve partnered with Allstate Benefits to provide your loyal employees with benefits at ZERO cost to you. Hughes Business Consultants will pay 100% of a monthly benefit of their choice.

Let’s get back to anyone that’s not already a client needing to see a doctor. The majority of our clients are using a PEO for payroll, HR, work comp & benefits. We continue to be firm believers in the PEO model to improve your efficiency and control costs. January 1st, we launched the PEO Doctor. The richest and most comprehensive PEO brokerage in North America. Our mission remains focused on you as clients, and our appreciation will be realized by our actions.

Meet the newest member of our team, Summer Rains. Summer is our Client Relations Manager and she brings energy & passion for helping others. Check out our website to find out more about Summer, the PEO Doctor, and our new corporate office! Everything we accomplish we accomplish together.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” -Michael Jordan