Business owners work tirelessly to convince others the ‘laws of business’ differ greatly from ordinary life. There may be some truth in that, but not as much as the CEO would like you to believe. In reality, the same rules exist in business as they do in the universe; karma is everything!
We all have and provide energy. Some provide extremely positive energy, some very negative energy, and some provide minimal energy. Don’t become frustrated by the person that provides little to no energy. Slackers will be slackers. Those giving little or no effort will receive little to no return from life. As many love to say, “garbage in garbage out”!
Don’t walk around carrying a scorecard. Don’t be the person complaining that ‘Susie has a terrible attitude but she won a $500 scratch off’! Or worse, the person saying ‘I gave her a $50 gift card last year but she gave my baby a 3.5 in the beauty contest’! If you’re giving for the expectation of receiving you’re not really giving; you’re just recycling receiving!
This month’s newsletter has little to do with business. Or does it? We love the phrase it’s better to give than to receive. Have you ever heard someone say that when you know they’re a permanent receiver? I know if I ever see that phrase on the IRS website I might snap! We can confidently say the IRS prefers to receive.
For the month of May, HBC is challenging businesses to show your philanthropy! We want to see & hear from you. Post your video (30 seconds max) on our Facebook page telling us who you support, how you support, and the total amount you gave in 2018. If you want to tell us how much you’ll be giving for 2019 be our guest.
We can’t ask anything of you we’re not willing to do ourselves. We will post our video by May 3rd. We will announce the winner(s) the week of May 27th. You need to bring you’re A game (unlike the Lightning). Here at HBC we actively support Rotary International, Unity in the Community, and Happy Souls Sock Ministry.
We believe strongly in the more you give the more you shall receive. This principle extends beyond business and resonates throughout the universe. Is it any surprise to you that Bill Gates led all charitable donors in 2017 by giving a whopping $4.8 billion? Does the economy matter? In 2016 the top 50 donors combined to give $5.6 billion. In 2017 the top 50 combined to donate $14.7 billion.